Fall Alert

Falling may not be fatal, but avoiding the delay of aid can save lives

  • Fall detection – STICKu will assess whether the user has fall tendency and send a notification

  • Notify contact person – When STICKu detects that the user is at risk of falling, it will notify the default contact person as soon as possible

  • Falling position – display the current location of the phone to help determine the user’s location

(Note: This function needs to be paired with a smartphone and kept connected)

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Alert Button

No complicated and redundant buttons

The only one is the one when you need assistance

  • Not easy to be touched – the location design is convenient but not easy to be touched by mistake

  • Signaling – once the button is pressed, a flash and a sound of up to 70 decibels will be emitted to remind people around

  • Notify contact person – After pressing, a message will be sent to the contact person to assist support

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Smart Torch

In the dark, let you see the way forward and how to walk safely

  • Smart Sensitivity – No need for users to worry about when to switch, STICKu will automatically sense ambient light and darkness

  • Lighting range – to provide you with the best lighting angle, illuminating every step you will take

  • Power saving mode – When the USB stick is idle or charging, it will not light up even if the environment is dim

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Smart Warmer

When the weather is cold, hold the stick,

and you will be warm from hand to heart

  • Intelligent temperature sensing – STICKu detects changes in ambient temperature and automatically provides the most comfortable temperature

  • Comfortable temperature – the grip position will be adjusted to close to the ideal 37.8 degrees for the human body

  • Power saving mode – As long as you don’t hold the handle, STICKu will automatically turn off the function for you to save electricity

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Call Vibration

STICKu on hand, Stay connect

  • incoming call alert – Never missed a call.  You can be alerted by the vibration from the handle of the STICKu when getting an incoming call

  • Soft vibration –  a soft and smooth vibration to remind you pick a call

  • Silence environment – even the mobile in silence, you can still be notified while holding the STICKu

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Long Battery Life

A full charge will give you what you need for a few days

  • Sufficient power – built-in about 5000mAh lithium-ion battery, enough for several days of usage

  • Cycling charging – no need to worry about changing the battery, just put it on the charging stand for each charge

  • Power-saving control – STICKu controls the power, switches various functions appropriately, and keeps reporting when the power is low

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Easy Charging

Carry it as you want, charge it as soon as you release it

No need to worry about plugging in

  • Wireless contact – no need to find a small USB socket, you can easily charge by putting the stick onto the charging station

  • Charging plug – can be charged at any time even when traveling (Note: This accessory needs to be purchased separately)

  • Intimate design – the charging stand design can hold mobile phones, reducing the chance of being left behind

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Safety Standard

Safe and secure. Use it at ease

  • Safety Specification – Comply with BS EN1985:1999

  • Sturdy material – aluminum alloy rod body and nylon fiberglass handle provide a reliable sensation

  • Safety certification – can load up to 130kg and pass endurance test up to 825,000 times

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Adjustable Length

High or low, as you need

  • Appropriate height – in line with CNS standards, each section of adjustable height will not exceed 25 mm

  • Quick adjustment – press the pinball to quickly adjust the appropriate height

  • 8-stage adjustment – 8 pinball holes to satisfy people of various heights

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Comfortable Grip

Well-designed, one in hand

  • Ingenious design –  precise workmanship, first-class feeling

  • Dermatoglyph material – dermatoglyph texture increases softness and resistant to removal

  • Center of gravity design – the handle and the stick body are positioned appropriately to enhance the balance of the stick

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Product specifications

After repeated research and careful design,

we create the best partner for you

  • Product material – aluminum alloy, nylon glass fiber

  • Product size – 17(L), 3.8(W), 76-92(H) cm

  • Product weight – ~610g

  • Battery specifications – built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Wireless connection – Bluetooth 5.0

  • Sensor – environment and touch sensor, 6-axis gyroscope

  • STICKu color – gray, purple

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STICKu with App,More Features

The application is simple and easy to use. Anyone can install it immediately

  • Streamlined design – comfortable font color, functions are clear at a glance

  • STICKu settings – battery, connection, and software update are all clear

  • Entertainment Information – Senior Fun Channel provides you with one-stop information and entertainment videos, which can be downloaded and enjoyed by users who don’t need a stick

Welcome to the following links to download the mobile app

Features Introduction

STICKu App 優杖

Mobile App Introduction

** The list of the mobile tested the compatibility with STICKu, please refer to the support page

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