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It’s more blessed to give than receive as giving makes us happy.

We are very pleased to collaborate with Hong Kong illustrator, Karen Aruba, who shares the same values as STICKU:

STICKu has a vision to let more people recognise how the technology make their life easier, more safe and more comfortable.

Get to Know Karen Aruba

Karen Aruba is self-taught illustrator based in Hong Kong, who specializes in sketching related to travel and cultural themes. She is also an event specialist to visualize the narrative via illustrations. With a passion for art, she derives inspiration from everything she comes across, especially incorporating themes of energy, peace and happiness.

Her art brand, ‘Karen Aruba Art’, is inspired by the year Karen spent as a child in Aruba with her mother’s family. Aruba is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island known as ‘One Happy Island’, and Karen hopes to bring this same happiness and energy to people through her art.

Every year, Karen embarks on her personal ‘Care & Love Charity Campaign’ which helps and supports people in need through her arts and crafts. In the last few years, her charity campaign has made contributions to a number of local charities including Caritas, Oxfam, Orbis, Red Cross, World Vision, etc.

‘Through illustration, I wish to deliver more love, care, and encouraging messages which will keep us together. In collaboration with social enterprise, I hope my art will generate a social impact that is uniquely valuable to the community, hoping to improve the quality of life for the people in need.’ said Karen.

Karen spreads positive values via her beautiful drawings. She also has an intimate mahjong craft family story. To know more about her work, please check out:

Facebook: @KarenArubaArt / Instagram: @karen_aruba_art / Website: www.karenaruba.com 

‘Art is a process of creation. We create happiness with heART’ – Karen Aruba Art
BNET x Karen Aruba
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