Technology of the Solution

  • LiDAR Sensor

  • Detecting object distance by reflection

  • A.I. Computing

Accident Detection Alert

  • Fall – When the system detects a fall, an alert will be instantly sent out

  • No Movement – When the system detects an user without any movement in a certain period, an alert will be instantly sent out.

  • Used overtime – When an user stays too long in the covering area, a reminder will be sent out


  • Non-camera based

  • High privacy

  • Large coverage area

  • Immune to light interference


  • Manage multiple devices in one place

  • Status instantly updated

  • Statistic data and report for analysis

System Devices

  • LiDAR Device – suggest installing in the ceiling, recommend with 2.5m headroom or above

  • Processor – can install in the ceiling or any location near the LiDAR device,requires power with 40W 220V 

  • Alarm – can be installed in any conspicuous places

  • Alarm method – Tablet sound、Alarm ring、flash and notification on third party app OpusChat

introduction video