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  • Learn how to apply technology in daily lives through STICKu

  • Develop a logical mindset through programming

  • Explore and experience different technologies, and attempt on novel combined applications

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Robot Car

  • Assemble QTruck robot in order to raise students’ interest in programming and STEM

  • Learn how to utilize different sensors and a phone to control the robot remotely

  • Learn how to control motors and robotic arms by programming Micro:bit

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Smart Watch

  • Learn the basics of Wi-Fi and IoT applications

  • Develop a logical mindset through programming

  • Explore Health technology with blood oxygen sensors and heart rate sensors

  • Healthtech Smart Watch prototyping and programming

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Gerontech: STICKu

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The Gerontech 101 course offers two different learning kits including Micro:bit and Arduino. Micro:bit is an embedded system designed for computer education, which is an easy and effective learning tool for digital skills and creativity. Arduino is a single-board microcontroller, it aims to provide a low-cost and easy way for beginners to design programs that interact with the environment using sensors and actuators.

Course Highlights

1. Control light sensors and touch sensors through programming

2. Learn how to program a temperature sensor

3. Learn how to read from an accelerator and touch sensor through programming

4. Assemble components and utilize programming to create a STICKu prototype

Elementary: Robot Car

Timetable / Application

The Elementary 101 course utilizes Micro:bit and Qtruck robot car, allowing students to experience controlling a robot car through programming while learning the basics of sensors. The course highlights also include learning about motor and robot arm concepts. Students can also control the robot car to finish different tasks, experience the enjoyment of controlling robot cars, and help raise their interests on programming, electronics and STEM-related subjects.

Course Highlights

1. Learn how to program and control ultrasonic sensors in order to detect obstacles

2. Learn how to deliver cargo with a robotic arm through programming

3. Learn how to control the speed and direction of the motor

Gerontech: Smart Watch

Timetable / Application

The Gerontech 201 course aims to develop students’ interest in STEM-related subject areas, while raising their awareness about Healthtech and Gerontechnology. Through project-based learning with Arduino and ESP32, students can understand programming concepts for different technology applications. They will also gain hands-on experience in developing their Healthtech prototype smart watch using the skills learnt in class.

Course Highlights

1. Programming blood oxygen sensors and heart rate sensors to collect health data

2. Learn to use the Arduino IoT functions for smart home control

3. Learn to program Wi-Fi functions for communication control

4. Make a Healthtech Smartwatch prototype using the combined knowledge from the course

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